Name: Pungmaliny (nickname Noeeun)

Sex: Female

Born: 2004


She was born at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand to parents Pungsingkad and Sridoortadang, neither of whom are artists.


Punmaliny is naughty but nice!

Special Story

As a young elephant she does have a tendency to be a little bit naughty at times, but actually she’s quite lovely, clever and learns everything quickly. She is good with people and always friendly.

…she does have a tendency to be a little bit naughty at times”.”

Artistic Talents

Pungmaliny has tremendous ability as an artist and we have high hopes that she will one day become as famous as Sri Siam or Wanalee, whose styles she seems to have learned from. She paints vertical strokes in a confident manner, like Sri Siam, but also can paint (whatever her mood) with lateral and arc strokes like Wanalee. She demonstrates good spatial awareness.


Pungmaliny’s mahout is Jeerasak Wanaruk, who was born in 1981. He is married to Saifon Gittilaen.