Elephant Jojo

Name: Jojo

Sex: Male

Born: 1992


The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand.


Jojo’s movements are slow and deliberate. A favorite at the Center, he is a little bit spoiled. He was very naughty when he was young, but today he is simply mischievous and sometimes stubborn and willful. Jojo is very friendly with humans.

Special Story

Jojo is also an accomplished musician, who plays both the xylophone and the mouth organ, which he blows with his trunk. He is also a favorite of homestay visitors to the Center and he works with them too. A busy and talented creature.

Jojo is an accomplished musician, who plays bot the xylophone and the mouth organ…”

Artistic Talents

Jojo is considered to be one of the top three elephant artists. He paints slowly, gently and with great care. Jojo’s works are very distinctive and they have sold at international auctions for thousands of dollars. Perhaps cognizant of his artistic status in the world, Jojo will decide for himself when his inspiration has died and in the middle of a painting will just turn around and walk off, no matter how much his mahout protests.


Jojo’s mahout is Sawang Kornkam, who was born in July 1973. Sawang came to the Center as a mahout at the age of 24. He is married to Duangduwan and they have two children.