Name: Aet

Sex: Male

Born: 1996


Aet was rescued from the streets of Bangkok.


Aet is normally well behaved young male.

Special Story

One day Aet’s mahout heard shouting so came out to find that Aet was picking up stones in his trunk and throwing them at the wife of his helper, Jamdang – he had a good aim! Having discovered his talent, Aet now does this whenever he gets fed up with humans staring at him. So if you get to visit Aet, be sure to sneak a peek but don’t get too close.

…if you get to visit Aet, be sure to sneak a peek but don’t get too close.”

Artistic Talents

Sadly Aet is no longer painting, but we are hoping that he might rediscover his talents and come back into the Academy. That’s why we continue to present his profile here. Aet started out as TEAG’s best selling artist, with his paintings finding international fame. Aet had a very original style that used to include full loops, which is a unique skill among elephants. After a few years he stopped the loop period and began to create accomplished arcs. After a while with that he developed a ‘furious’ erratic and strong style that literally scratched the brush into the paper! Unfortunately that style was not popular and those were the last paintings that we offered. We are not sure if he is teasing us or has just tired of his original feat.


Aet’s mahout is Sontaya Wawong, who is a local lad born in Lampang in October 1978. Sontaya started working as a mahout at the age of 18. He is married and has no children.