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“The Elephant Art Gallery is a blend of elephant art, and animal conservation that collectively makes an outstanding contribution to both the conscience and the imagination”  

-Inkless Magazine, February 2010

Year 2000 - Founded

The original Elephant Art Gallery project was started in the year 2000 by Henry Quick, the managing director of HQ Group, a company that makes art paper and runs an art gallery in Chiang Mai. He began showing elephant paintings alongside paintings by humans at HQ Art Gallery in March 2000. This was the first commercial art gallery in Thailand to permanently display ‘real art’ by elephants, so it was quite an adventure.

In October 2000 HQ Art Gallery launched a website that offered both human and elephant paintings, with international shipping, thus opening up elephant art to the world for the very first time.

Global interest in elephant art and conservation grew and the project began to develop a momentum of its own.


One of the First Elephant Art Paintings

Year 2006 - The Elephant Art Gallery Becomes its Own Entity with a Website

In January 2006 The Elephant Art Gallery was made into a separate entity. At that point, we created a new website dedicated to elephants not only to sell paintings but also as an educational tool to promote elephant conservation and art.

We created this new website … as an educational tool to promote elephant conservation and art.

Year 2012 - Sales and Distribution move to the United States

After six more years of steady growth, in 2012, all sales and distribution were moved from Thailand to the USA. This arrangement enabled us to better serve our customers and to promote the cause that we support, while also allowing our highly experienced elephant art production team in Thailand to concentrate on what they do best.


They manage the entire painting process from paint color mixing, the type of paper used, the choice of artist and supervision of the painting itself and then finally to the packaging and shipping. That’s an awesome depth of involvement and quality control that makes all the difference in the quality of the final product and sets us apart from the competition.  The goal of the U.S. team is to ensure that elephant art is publicized, the art is appropriately shown, and the customer receives only the highest quality service.

Year 2017 - New Branding, New Markets

The impact we have had in creating awareness around the world has been amazing. Most of our work is in correspondence with educational institutions, animal conservation specialists, and a great many students of all ages from all over the world. Examples of our genuine art by elephants have appeared in museums and have been featured in children’s educational textbooks in the USA. In addition, we have featured in international in-flight magazines, art magazines, countless web articles, international television spots and even in the global launch of a new fragrance by Giorgio Armani.The Elephant Art Gallery is recognized as an authority on elephant art and conservation. Our 

"After twenty years of consistency…we are recognized as an authority on elephant art and conservation." 

website appears at the top of all major search engine rankings and has consistently shown an increase in the number of people visiting the site every month. Conservationists, elephant lovers, and art lovers all over the world come to us for advice.We want to tell the world about our elephants – the plight of Thai elephants in general – and about the remarkable achievements of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in helping so greatly to conserve the lives of this wonderful mammal and the existence of the species.

Moving forward look for more selection of elephant art and other enhancements to our service offering that compliment the history and the future of this segment of the art community.

Make a Donation

Help us maintain and grow the the Thai Elephant Elephant Conservation Center.  To make a wire transfer donation please contact us,, and we will send you information about how you can contribute to their hospital and programs.



Joseph Drew, Owner / Curator - The Elephant Art Gallery - United States

Issaraporn Kaewthanasawad, Director - The Elephant Art Gallery - Thailand

Our Difference

We are not re-sellers. We create every single painting directly with the elephants.

We offer only genuine, original art painted by an elephant using its own volition.

Every original elephant painting is produced on quality art paper using quality acrylic paint. For our Special Portfolio and Gallery paintings, it is handmade paper.

All elephant artworks bear the official stamp of the TECC and all paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Paintings are available for immediate shipping from the United States.

Shipping is free to U.S. addresses with either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail Shipping options.

International shipping is $35 using UPS expedited services. We are not responsible for any custom charges or fees.

Link to our shipping policy.

How We Ship

We carefully fullfill your elephant painting by inserting it in a clear plastic cover and placing it in a virtually indestructible tube.

Included in the tube is a Certificate of Authenticity and a profile and photo of the elephant artist.