Name: Nua On

Sex: Male

Born: 12 June 2004


Nua On was born at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang.

Special Story

Nua On can paint well and is also a talented musician, playing music at the Center in the elephant orchestra. He is also in the Home Stay program at the TECC, helping to train clients to be a mahout. He loves to eat candy – rice crackers are his favorite.

Artistic Talents

Nua On’s style has matured greatly over the past few years and particularly during 2013 when he made his debut painting for TEAG. His special painting style began as bold medium length strokes in many directions and has progressed to incorporate these and dabs of paint. No other artist paints quite like this and his compositions are unique.


Nua On’s mahout is Gerachak Wannalak born in 1982 and he is single. He has taken care of Nua On from birth.