Name: Baithong

Sex: Female

Born: 2009


Baithong’s origins are unknown. He is a rescued elephant.

Special Story

Baithong is an orphan who was brought to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center when she was one and a half years old, having been taken from an illegal owner in Ratchaburi Province who had failed to produce papers for Thai authorities testifying to Baithong’s parentage. She is well behaved. She doesn’t like dogs at all. She loves to eat – everything!  In 2018 she is planning childbirth.

Artistic Talents

At four years old Baithong made her debut painting for TEAG. We were excited to discover Baithong’s artistic talent and to witness the maturity of her beautiful creations at such an early age, and she has now become a regular contributor to our collections. Her painting style is very exciting to watch, as he uses a variety of techniques, with a combination of vertical, lateral and horizontal (left to right) brushstrokes, producing complex creations.


Baithong’s mahout is Panom Makaew from Ratchaburi Province, born 16 September 1982.  He is married with two children