Name: Sri-Siam

Sex: Male

Born: 2000


Sri-Siam was born in Phrae Province and came to The Thai Elephant Conservation Center with his Mother, Boonmee, in 2001.


Sri-Siam is a very good elephant who is very easy to train. In addition to painting he plays music too, as well as performing for tourists in the daily elephant show at the Center.

Special Story

Sri-Siam and his mother were purchased and then donated to the Center by a generous and good natured English couple. Sri-Siam, like most other elephants, loves playing games and he has a talent for treading on and bursting balloons. He likes to tease his mahout and turns and waves his tail at his face every morning. He particularly likes to eat fruit.

Sri-Siam…loves playing games and he has a talent for treading on and bursting balloons…”

Artistic Talents

Sri-Siam paints lovely pictures that have an almost human touch and he has great spatial awareness, usually starting each stroke by dabbing the brush near the top of each paper/canvas and then dropping the stroke toward the bottom in a flourish. His paintings invoke clear images and are quite outstanding in terms of elephant art. We eagerly await the further development of his style.


Sri-Siam’s mahout is Somchai Jantapaeng, born 5 June 1980. Somchai has been a mahout at the Center since he was 17 years old. He is divorced and has a daughter.