Gender: Female

Born: 2013

Origin: Phetburi

Nature: Somsri is lovely and friendly. She likes to dress up by putting accessories on her head, like flowers. She is very popular among children.

Artistic talents: Somsri joined the TEAG artist group in October 2020. We are very surprised to see that she expresses several quite different artistic styles, though consistently tends to complete each individual painting in only one of those styles. All of her works are competent and interesting, so this makes her one of our most promising pupils and one to watch as her talents will no doubt develop in future.

Mahout: Somsri’s mahout is Anuwat Konkham. He and his father are both mahouts and they have had a long relationship with elephants, more than 20 years now. Anuwat is married to Wanna and has one daughter.