Gender: Female

Born:  2006

Origin: Tak province (Western Thailand)

Nature: Nammoey has a lovely temperament, but she is and shy and easily frightened. When she hears a loud noise she ‘trumpets’ in alarm and will run away quickly. She loves to hang around with a few of her friends.

Artistic talent: Nammoey took to painting with ease and she paints very well with good concentration. Her style includes sweeping short curved strokes that are reminiscent of smiles.

 Special story: When she was young she had some distinctive characteristics, different from other elephants, such as eyes that looked white, brown skin, light brown hair and she has a special shape of head that looks like a heart.

Her original owner donated her to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center when she was just three years old.

Mahout: Prayoon Yamano (nickname Thum). He is married. Thum has looked after Nammoey for four years and he takes very good care of her, paying close attention to her needs such as always staying with her when she’s frightened.