Name: Luk-Khang

Sex: Female

Born: 1993


Luk-Khang is a local elephant, born in Bangla, Lampang near to the Elephant Conservation Center, Thailand.


Luk-Khang is a good tempered elephant and is best friends with Prathida. However, she is likely to pick up and throw things at people she doesn’t like, or sometimes to grab their leg with her trunk – fortunately there are very few people she doesn’t get on with!

Special Story

She likes to run away often and always heads for the river, where it is quite easy to catch her again.

…she is likely to pick up and throw things at people she doesn’t like…”

Artistic Talents

Alas Luk-Khang no longer paints as she has gone back to the jungle. Grab the last of her paintings while you can! Luk-Khang very much enjoyed painting. She uses long brushstrokes. Interestingly she used to paint in almost perfect verticals, but over the years her style developed into strokes that ‘lean’ to the right, often quickly finished with a flourish and a twist.


Luk-Khang’s mahout is Khajohnkiat Kamwang who was born in Phrae province and started working as a mahout at the age of 25. Khajohnkiat is married to Wongduan and they have one son and one daughter.