Name: Aleena

Sex: Female

Born: 6 May 2004


Aleena was born at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center to mother Pumphuang, who is also an accomplished artist.


Aleena is friendly with humans.

Special Story

Mother and baby were together for three years from birth while Aleena was being weened. At that time Aleena’s best friend was Big, a scraggy dog that lives at the Center. Pumphuang’s mahout made a clever ploy of introducing Aleena to the young Big soon after she was born and so they naturally became friends. This way he was able to help Pumphuang overcome her hatred of dogs.

Aleena was under the patronage of Her Royal Highness, the late Princess Galyani, the elder sister of His Majesty the King of Thailand.


Aleena’s mahout is Aretid Kaewprapa, born in April 1984 and he is married to Orawan.