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The Elephant Art Gallery and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center
The Elephant Art Gallery and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center

The Elephant Art Gallery works with the elephant artists at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), also known as the National Elephant Institute (NEI), which is administered by the Forest Industry Organisation. The TECC is a government agency with the largest number of elephants under its care. Established in 1969, the TECC moved to its

Thai Elephant Conservation: Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Honored and praised above all animals in the past, Thai elephants had to sacrifice their lives at war, and endure hardship in transportation and logging. If only the forests were still green, and enough land existed for them to wander around and breed according to their instincts. At the present time, however, forests have been

Is Elephant Art Valuable?
How Valuable is Elephant Art?

The answer to the question whether elephant art is valuable is both “yes” and “no”, because much depends on the type of painting, on the materials used, on the artist and on the Gallery from which you buy the work. In fact buying art that is painted by an elephant is no different from buying

How is Elephant Art Made?
How is Elephant Art Made?

Each elephant painting is an original. We do not make prints. An easel similar to the type you would use in your studio or at home is placed out in the open where the artist has plenty of room. For our Gallery Collection, we use only the very best quality handmade art paper from HQ


Our Difference

We are not re-sellers. We create every single painting directly with the elephants.

We offer only genuine, original art painted by an elephant using its own volition.

Every original elephant painting is produced on quality art paper using quality acrylic paint. For our Special Portfolio and Gallery paintings, it is handmade paper.

All elephant artworks bear the official stamp of the TECC and all paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Paintings are available for immediate shipping from the United States.

Shipping is free to U.S. addresses with either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail Shipping options.

International shipping is $35 using UPS expedited services. We are not responsible for any custom charges or fees.

Link to our shipping policy.

How We Ship

We carefully fullfill your elephant painting by inserting it in a clear plastic cover and placing it in a virtually indestructible tube.

Included in the tube is a Certificate of Authenticity and a profile and photo of the elephant artist.